John Joseph McAlary



John (Jack) McAlary was born in Brooklyn during the height of the depression. After serving in the US Navy, he discovered the art of selling, working for the Fuller Brush company,selling door to door. He soon had a small army working for him and he outsold every salesman in the company. After leaving Brooklyn, NY for New Hampshire to take a position with Boise Cascade, Jack again excelled at all levels, winning a multitude of Top Salesman Awards for the company. Finally, Jack decided to go out on his own and he founded Eagle Associates, inc. in 1973. He worked to build his sales organization into one of the premier sales organizations, servicing the Kitchen and Bath Industry. Jack believed in his products and the people who made them. He was as good at educating the people who sold his products as he was in selling them himself. Jack understood the adage that "nothing happens until someone sells something!" Jack was instrumental in establishing the AIKD, which became today's NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Industry). He served for years on the association's Membership Committee. Jack believed in giving back to the industry that gave him so much. Always the Top Salesmen for whatever products he represented, Jack was loved by dealers throughout New England. In 1996 Jack retired from the agency that he founded to persue his love of reading, golf, the Red Sox's, as well as, his eight children, 16 Grand Children and 9 Great Grandchildren. Jack was very thankful for the life he led and his favorite phrase that he would use to express this gratitude was...." Good Stuff "